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Omnipod GO, a Basal-Only Insulin Pod, Cleared by the FDA

Omnipod GO provides a fixed rate of continuous rapid-acting insulin for up to 72 hours. With its tubeless and waterproof pod, the Omnipod GO provides an alternative to traditional insulin delivery methods.

Insulet Corporation has announced the FDA clearance of a new product called Omnipod GO, a wearable insulin delivery device designed for people with type 2 diabetes ages 18 or older who need long-acting insulin injections.

Omnipod GO is a tubeless, waterproof insulin pod that provides a fixed rate of continuous rapid-acting insulin for up to 72 hours. It has been cleared for use with several U-100 insulins, such as NovoLog, Fiasp, Humalog, Admelog, and Lyumjev. The device is expected to be commercially available in the United States in 2024.

The Omnipod GO is programmed with seven different daily rates, ranging from 10 to 40 units per day. This new device is a standalone, wearable, insulin delivery system that provides a fixed rate of continuous rapid-acting insulin, making it an alternative for people who require basal insulin who may not want to self-administer daily injections. 

The device is intended to start people with T2D on pods for their insulin delivery instead of daily injections. With no controller and no connectivity to a continuous glucose monitor, the GO is designed to appeal to patients or healthcare providers looking for a simpler alternative to automated insulin delivery systems or connected insulin injection pens. If insulin-intensive treatment is eventually required, starting on Omnipod GO will make the transition to another Omnipod device easier.

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