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ADA 2023: Previewing the Latest Diabetes Care Trends and Breakthrough Medications

Our team is on the way to San Diego to cover the latest in diabetes technology, research, and medications at the American Diabetes Association’s 83rd Scientific Sessions. Here's an early look at what we're most excited about.

Next week, the diaTribe team will attend the 83rd American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) annual scientific conference in San Diego, California. 

Here’s an overview of what you can expect to read about in diaTribe Learn, including the latest discussions on a new weight management medication, time in range, and the MiniMed 780G.

Live Events

Musings: The Future of Diabetes Care

The diaTribe Foundation will be starting the weekend in San Diego with a live panel discussion, "The Future of Diabetes Care," that features experts including Vanita Aroda from Brigham and Women's Hospital, Scott Harper from Abbott Diabetes Care, Luigi Meneghini from Sanofi, Girish Naganathan from Dexcom, Karen Pedersen from Novo Nordisk, and Paul Tomasic from AstraZeneca. Moderating the panel will be Alan Moses, chair of the board of the diaTribe Foundation. 

By exploring the future of glucose monitoring technologies, automated insulin delivery (AID) systems, immune therapies, and weight management strategies, they will offer practical solutions for individuals living with diabetes.


On Monday evening, we will attend the 17th annual TCOYD + diaTribe Forum event where we will hear from renowned experts, including Dr. Steve Edelman, about their key takeaways from the ADA conference. We anticipate a lively discussion about clinical trial readouts, updates to the ADA standards of care, automated insulin delivery, as well as time in range.

The latest on diabetes medications

The ADA 2023 conference will unveil new findings on medications for type 2 diabetes and obesity, including high-dose oral semaglutide and Lilly's retatrutide, a GIP/GLP-1/glucagon receptor triple agonist. 

Discussions will also cover other investigational medications like Lilly’s GLP-1 agonist orforglipron, and Novo Nordisk's CagriSema. The potential benefits of SGLT-2 inhibitors for cardiometabolic health and inflammation will be explored. Additionally, the conference will emphasize type 1 diabetes prevention and potential cures, with a focus on immunotherapies like Tzield (teplizumab).

Moreover, oral presentations will cover innovative therapies designed to preserve insulin-producing cells in type 1 diabetes. This includes the investigation of TYK2 inhibitors and drugs with unidentified mechanisms that show promise for modifying the progression of the disease. We are also excited to learn more about once-weekly insulin and the ONWARDS trials.

Technology and devices

A session on Sunday will compare the artificial pancreas with beta cell replacement therapies with a focus on how new innovations are coming soon to the diabetes world. We also expect a lively debate on the topic of do-it-yourself (DIY) closed-loop AID systems versus commercial AID systems. Additionally, there will be a session discussing barriers to diabetes technology and how we can overcome them.

We are also excited to share with our readers trial results from Senseonics’ 365-day CGM, the Omnipod 5, and the MiniMed 780G. There will also be a session dedicated to CGM use among people with type 2 diabetes.

Time in range

On Sunday, there will also be a session dedicated to time in range that features points of view from the regulatory, clinical, and of course, the patient perspective. We hope to learn more about the future of time in range in clinical trials.

Nutrition and exercise

There will be several sessions focusing on lifestyle modifications, including nutrition and exercise. One session on Friday will focus on how diabetes management should be tailored to the needs of athletes

Another session on Monday will discuss physical activity considerations for older adults with diabetes. That same day, we will also be attending a session discussing exercise as medicine and the relationship between metabolism and weight loss for people with diabetes.

Diabetes and pregnancy

Another important topic at ADA will be the intersection between diabetes and pregnancy. On Saturday there will be a series of sessions ranging from cardiovascular health to the role of metformin and exercise for pregnancy. 

The following day, we will also report on a session discussing AID use among pregnant women with type 1 diabetes. These are particularly important as pregnant women with diabetes face a unique set of challenges, including increasing insulin resistance during pregnancy.