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Ketone Checks Made Easy: New Meter Measures Ketones in Breath

By Eliza Skoler and Ursula Biba

The new BioSense ketone breath meter offers unlimited, effortless ketone measurements – just blow into the device

BioSense just launched a new ketone meter that measures ketone levels in a single breath. To use the ketone breath meter, all you have to do is press start and blow into the device. The results are stored and displayed directly on the device, or they can be sent to a mobile app via Bluetooth.

The new device will cost $299 with an annual $30 cost to recalibrate the sensor. While $299 is expensive, the fact that the meter can be used even multiple times a day will be reassuring to many, particularly those wanting to ensure safety with new treatment regimens (for example, SGLT-2 inhibitor drugs for type 1 diabetes). 

The meter is mostly marketed as a lifestyle aid for people trying to lose weight through the ketogenic (very low carb) diet. Because people with diabetes can also experience ketoacidosis, this device can benefit people who are at high risk for ketoacidosis. Learn more about ketosis vs. ketoacidosis here.

The app that accompanies the BioSense ketone meter helps people understand their weekly, monthly, and yearly ketone trends, and how exercise relates to ketone levels. This is a major advance in getting insight about the body under conditions of low glucose availability. According to Biosense, ketosis can be just as variable as blood glucose levels, depending on diet and exercise.