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MiniMed 780G Receives CE-Mark Approval in Europe

By Matthew Garza and Albert Cai

Medtronic’s newest automated insulin delivery system, the MiniMed 780G, has received the CE-Mark, which means it will become available this fall in select European countries

Medtronic recently announced that the MiniMed 780G device has been given CE-Marking, meaning that it’s now approved in Europe for people with diabetes ages 7-80 years old. Medtronic plans to begin selling the MiniMed 780G in some European countries as early as this fall.

The Medtronic MiniMed 780G is a second-generation automated insulin delivery (AID) system. It’s a major upgrade from the MiniMed 670G – in addition to automatic adjustment of basal insulin rates every five minutes, the new features include:

  • Built-in correction bolus capability

  • An adjustable target glucose level down to 100 mg/dl (an improvement over the 670G’s fixed 120 mg/dl)

  • Bluetooth connectivity allows for mobile app use, wireless data uploads, and future software updates

  • Reduced alarms and simplified operation

  • Increased time in closed-loop (“Auto Mode”)

  • A sleek and easier to use interface

Click here to learn more about the effectiveness of the 780G in clinical trials presented at ADA 2020.

The MiniMed 780G will work with the Medtronic Guardian Sensor 3 continuous glucose monitor (CGM), which, as an older sensor, has a seven-day wear time and requires at least two fingersticks per day. Medtronic’s new “Zeus” CGM, which will reduce the number of fingersticks required, has not yet been cleared in the US or Europe – that will be the major upgrade needed for the 780G once the device itself is approved; read updates on Zeus here.

Unfortunately, we don’t know when the MiniMed 780G will be approved or available in the US. In the meantime, FDA clearance of the MiniMed 770G is expected later this summer; learn more here. The 770G system will combine the new pump hardware (including the Bluetooth connectivity) with the 670G algorithm (automatic basal rate adjustments). Medtronic says that people who purchase the MiniMed 770G system will be able to upgrade to the 780G system when it becomes available.

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