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Leading Insurer Provides CGM to 230,000 Eligible Members with Type 2 Diabetes

Updated: 8/14/21 12:00 amPublished: 7/27/20
By Julia Kenney

By Julia Kenney and Ani Gururaj

Enroll in Level2 to get a CGM, a Fitbit activity tracker, and easily accessible virtual health coaching; the program is designed to help people achieve type 2 diabetes remission

There’s an exciting new program for people who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes within the past 24 months and are working towards lowering their A1C. UnitedHealth Group recently launched Level2: a T2D remission program that will promote healthy lifestyle choices for over 230,000 eligible participants. The Level2 program aims to support and motivate UnitedHealth Group members toward achieving T2D remission using easily accessible health data and virtual diabetes healthcare coaching. At no additional cost to participants, it provides each person with a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to measure their blood sugar levels every five minutes, creating a constant stream of information on blood sugar trends.

Although the exact definition of T2D remission is not globally determined, we consider remission to be when a person achieves A1C levels similar to people without diabetes (less than 6.5%) and when they are able to stop taking their diabetes medications. While not everyone can achieve T2D remission (due to factors such as personal health and time since diagnosis), the Level2 program can still help you lower your A1C to a much healthier level. Learn about T2D remission here

What does Level2 include?

Level2 is the largest program to offer CGM to people with T2D: the program provides you with a free Dexcom G6 CGM to help track your blood glucose levels. Those enrolled in Level2 also receive a free Fitbit activity tracker (or you can use a Fitbit you already own) to monitor daily activity, stress, sleep, and heart rate. Using a CGM is required for participation in the Level 2 program, and Fitbit use is highly encouraged. 

Participants in the Level2 program will also have access to an app to help them manage their blood glucose and health data (from the CGM and the Fitbit). The Level2 app includes free virtual coaching and clinical consultations with dietitians, social workers, nurses, and physicians. Depending on your location and healthcare plan, the Level2 program may also provide gift cards and cash prizes for members who meet certain goals within the program (i.e., activity goals, wearing the CGM, or engagement with the app). 

Does the Level2 program work?

Before officially launching Level2, UnitedHealth Group conducted a pilot study to see if the program could help people reduce their A1C and achieve T2D remission. Several people in the pilot study did have a significant reduction in A1C, and some were able to achieve T2D remission (defined in the study as an A1C below 7% and no need for diabetes medication). 

The Level2 program is particularly exciting because it offers a free CGM to people with T2D. CGM is shown to significantly improve the health of people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. With the Dexcom G6, you and your healthcare professional can track your blood glucose levels in real time to help inform healthcare and lifestyle decisions, and to improve your time in range. With the addition of the Fitbit and virtual health coaching services, the Level2 program is a valuable tool for helping people manage their diabetes.     

How do I know if I am eligible?

To participate in Level2 you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be enrolled in an employer-sponsored UnitedHealthcare insurance plan

  • Diagnosed with T2D in the past 24 months

  • Have a smartphone

  • Live in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, DC, West Virginia, or Wisconsin

For more information on eligibility, participation, and how to sign up, view the Level2 Frequently Asked Questions. You can also talk to your healthcare team to see if Level2 is right for you.

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