September 2014
Issue 68
Abbott's Freestyle Libre set to launch in Europe. Liraglutide for obesity is a great day for advocacy at the FDA. MannKind’s inhaled insulin coming to US in early 2015, and more!


How many different factors can affect blood glucose? See the 22 things that can change your blood sugar in the short-term...

Could Tidepool change type 1 diabetes?

Even diabetes experts find management challenging. How to go online and to your providers for support.

What the diabetes community may be lacking most, and what we can do to help. 

How will a fixed ratio combination of a GLP-1 receptor agonist and insulin glargine compare to insulin glargine alone?

Robo-doctors? How new technologies might change the way you meet with your health care provider.

Kids First, Diabetes Second – a guide to the small and big issues of raising a child with type 1 diabetes.

(S)he said what?!?

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