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November 2014
Issue 72

Did you know that there are enough people with type 2 diabetes to form the world's third largest nation? The diaTribe Foundation is helping launch the State of Diabetes campaign to increase diabetes awareness by petitioning the UN to recognize type 2 diabetes as a sovereign nation. Find out why, how, and what YOU can do to help. 


Our complete roundup of the Nov. 3 meeting with the FDA - plus our bonus video of the panel discussions!

Dexcom Share – Peace of Mind for Loved Ones, Paving the Way for Next-Gen Mobile CGM.

How much activity do you actually get? Why activity tracking is worth it, and perhaps needed more than ever.

An illuminating FDA workshop on bolus calculators and device interoperability identifies key unmet needs in diabetes technology.

Oh the places we'll go! Our trip to D.C. to advocate at the FDA - what the day meant to me and where to go from here.

Houston named “Changing Diabetes” city, a new weight loss drug in the US, a step ahead for combination pills, and more! 

Can artificial sweeteners contribute to weight gain and worse diabetes control? A remarkable new study on the role of gut bacteria...

Coming-of-age contract negotiations…

We all sometimes need help reaching our fitness goals. Enter to win a FREE fitness tracker and refer your friends for more prizes!

(S)he said what?!?


What do you know about diabetes education? Our interview with AADE President Joan Bardsley.

Will a new implantable sleeve improve A1c and weight in type 2 diabetes? 

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