October 2014
Issue 70

An unprecedented oportunity to talk directly to the FDA on Nov 3 (register for the event here).

Also in NNN...Dexcom Share approved by the FDA and available online now - paves way for G5, Medtronic’s new smartphone CGM in-development, and more!


What are your diabetes landmines? The small blood sugar mistakes I make again and again and how I'm trying to overcome them.

What are the most solvable problems in diabetes? Our panel discussion with two experts.

Will Medicare cover CGM? Will the FDA regulate meters? Experts meet in D.C. to discuss...

A controversial and groundbreaking ballot vote next month – how the Bay Area hopes to tackle diabetes and obesity.  

Professional cycling with type 1 diabetes – an inspiring interview with Team Novo Nordisk founder Phil Southerland.

Can a one-day workshop improve diabetes distress and A1c in adults with type 1 diabetes?

The art(s and crafts) of diabetes management…

(S)he said what?!?

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