July 2014
Issue 66
JDRF announces a new President/CEO,a chance to tell the FDA what patients most need,updates from the latest bionic pancreas study, a new thumb-friendly insulin pen, and more!


What can you do right now to advance diabetes advocacy? A summary from an insightful day at Masterlab.

Getting to goal – the four biggest game-changers for improving my diabetes management.

The T1D Exchange: a bold vision to advance the field of type 1 diabetes – part four of our interview with David Panzirer and Dana Ball.

Why aren’t there more therapies and devices for pediatric patients? Find out why and what we can do to help.

How to make sure therapies are both effective and safe - how you can tell the FDA about patient perspectives of risk/benefit.

No more fingersticks? – A new glucose monitoring approach for type 2 diabetes. Plus, how will a new basal insulin compare to Lantus?

(S)he said what?!?

Fasten your seatbelts, diabetes can be a bumpy ride.

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