October 2014
Issue 71

An unprecedented opportunity to talk directly to the FDA - please register for the Nov. 3 event now at www.cvent.com/d/z4qgt1/1Q

Also in New Now Next...Dexcom Share launches – available online now! Plus, data downloading advances from Diasend, a new way to diagnose obesity, and more!


We all sometimes need help reaching our fitness goals. Enter to win a FREE fitness tracker and refer your friends for more prizes!

"Diabetes education is not a one-time intervention. It evolves over time, because diabetes changes over time. Life changes over time. And the...

The hope and hype of curing diabetes with stem cells – our take on the Harvard research and more.

What's the biggest impact you can make for people with diabetes this month? Tune in online for a patient meeting with the FDA!

ADA’s new childcare position statement – how parents can get the best care for their kids with diabetes.

How will a new “biosimilar” insulin compare to Sanofi’s Lantus?

The semantics of spaghetti… 

(S)he said what?!?

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