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Diabetes Technology

The FDA approved two new over-the-counter CGMs: Lingo and Libre Rio

FDA Clears Two New Abbott Over-the-Counter CGMs

Dexcom's new G7 Direct-to-Apple Watch system

Dexcom Launches Direct-to-Watch: G7 Now Connects Directly with Apple Watch in U.S.

Tandem Mobi Automated Insulin Delivery System Now Available

Tandem’s Mobi automated insulin delivery system has officially launched in the U.S. The world’s smallest insulin delivery system to be fully controlled by a smartphone is now shipping, with orders processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring: Hope or Hype?

Non-invasive glucose monitoring technology has been a dream of people with diabetes for years. Get the latest update on the research and development of these devices.

Girl wearing CGM

How To Navigate CGM Insurance Coverage

A New Kind of Blood Glucose Monitor | POGO Automatic Meter