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Clinical Trials

Learn about clinical trials for new diabetes treatments, technology, and care programs that may be recruiting people with diabetes in your area.

Phase 3 clinical trial currently recruiting 400 adults with type 2 diabetes
A new trial will test if the once-weekly injectable, Bydureon, is also safe and effective in adolescents.
Trial results testing sotagliflozin and Farxiga in type 1 diabetes show greater A1c lowering and weight loss, plus continued conversation about small risk of DKA
A six-week study of Tandem’s first automated insulin delivery device with Dexcom’s G5 CGM
A real-world trial in 3,000+ participants currently enrolling participants with type 2 diabetes
Comparing Medtronic’s MiniMed 670G to injections and pumps in people with type 1 diabetes, with and without CGM; enrollment to open in May at some trial locations
Seeking participants with type 2 diabetes to investigate the effects of semaglutide on heart health
Recruiting participants in Boston at the Joslin Diabetes Center
A six-month study of Diasome Pharmaceuticals’ HDV Insulin in Type 1 Diabetes
Find nearby T1D, T2D, gestational diabetes, and complications trials with new clinical trials matching tool launched by JDRF and TrialReach
Enrolling at over 140 sites worldwide. Can it reduce A1c and insulin use and improve time-in-range?
Program designed for Medicaid and uninsured individuals at risk for diabetes. Omada Health recently announced the launch of Prevent for Underserved Populations. The new...
What are the implications for other injected GLP-1 agonist drugs?
Enrolling now – how this implanted CGM compares to current CGM offerings.
Currently enrolling! How does the pill form of this drug class compare to injected GLP-1s?
Testing TypeZero’s inControl artificial pancreas, six months at a time.
New trial aims to make U500 (more concentrated) insulin easier to take.
Two new large studies investigate Finerenone in type 2 diabetes.
How safe and effective is Jardiance in people with type 1 diabetes?
How to join focus groups about the human side of closing the loop – all done remotely!