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SGLT-2 Inhibitors

SGLT-2 Inhibitors

SGLT-2 inhibitors are a type of oral medication that people with type 2 diabetes can use to lower blood sugar levels.

How do SGLT-2 inhibitors work to lower blood sugar

As our kidneys filter our blood, they also reabsorb glucose. SGLT-2 inhibitor drugs block the process of reabsorbing glucose back into our blood, causing glucose to be excreted through urine. Since extra glucose leaves the body instead of returning to the bloodstream, SGLT-2 inhibitors can lower the amount of sugar in the blood and, as a result, they can also lower A1C levels and body weight.

List of SGLT-2 inhibitor medications

Commonly medications in the SGLT-2 drug class include:

Frequently Asked Questions About SGLT-2 Inhibitors