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aDorn and Accessorize

Updated: 8/14/21 2:00 pmPublished: 12/31/07

There are times when we would rather just leave our ungainly diabetes equipment (and our diabetes for that matter) at home. While the latter isn't practical, aDorn designs has developed a way to transform the bulky into the elegant. Each style of bag has a pouch - which is detachable from the main bag - where diabetes supplies can be stowed. Founder Jennifer Dorn told diaTribe that her signature detachable pouch - tagged the aDorn clutch - gets tucked away "magnetically, securely and stylishly" behind the bag forming the hallmark of the brand. Our favorite is the aDorn Messenger bag that can fit up to a 17" laptop as well as a watertight ice pocket to keep insulin cool, if the intensity is high enough in your life that you think you need it! Check out all the styles here. Enter diaTribe exclusive promotional code ADORNDIATRIBE to receive a $15 discount on your first purchase.


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