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CGM + Pump Technology: Integrated We Stand (In Our Target Zone)

Published: 2/28/08

Animas and OmniPod pumps to be integrated with DexCom SEVEN

For those of you who have been waiting for more options for combination insulin pumps/continuous monitors, some promising products are on the horizon.

In January, 2008, DexCom announced partnerships with two pump manufacturers - Animas, maker of the 2020 insulin pump and Insulet, maker of the OmniPod. Both Animas and Insulet will be working over the next 12-24 months to develop insulin pumps that incorporate DexCom’s continuous monitor – we think this will drive even faster innovation in both fields and we are excited by the prospect of making continuous monitoring easier. In the new products, continuous readings will be available through the 2020 and OmniPod screens.

We expect these devices to set the tone for future innovation in the CGM/pump marketplace, as they should improve information for patients about their glucose level trends, which should enable them to make faster and potentially better-informed changes – through insulin doses, carb intake, or exercise. We remain optimistic, and wait eagerly for more news on these products’ development – we’ll be watching to see which one becomes available first as both are expected in the 2009-2010 time frame. For more information about DexCom, Animas, Insulet, you can visit their websites, at,, and

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