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DexCom Makes Progress on CGM and Pump/Sensor Combinations

Updated: 8/14/21 12:00 pmPublished: 9/30/10

We had a great time at AADE learning more about what DexCom has in the works—primarily this relates to work toward FDA approval for its fourth-generation continuous glucose sensor, which will replace the SEVEN PLUS. As we understand it, the new sensor is more accurate, and start-up time has been reduced from two hours to one hour. (This is less than the start-up times of other sensors on the market). The new sensor also appears to be stronger than the SEVEN PLUS, with sensor wires that are eight (count ‘em!) times as strong. Happily, DexCom is completing trials with this sensor in children as well, and the company hopes to file for approval for pediatric use by the end of 2010. Currently, only Medtronic offers CGM systems indicated for use in the pediatric population, 7-17 years, a very important age group.

Meanwhile, DexCom continues to make strides toward creating a pump and sensor combination product. DexCom filed for FDA approval for its first-generation pump and sensor combination system with Insulet’s OmniPod (see New Now Next in diaTribe #24). Later this year, DexCom plans to file for approval for another sensor and pump combination with Animas; as we understand it, this will have the fourth-generation CGM.

You say your doctor and/or educator don’t use continuous monitoring yet? Tell them about a great resource we learned about at AADE that just launched in August, 2010—see for some fantastic education.--PA/JS

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