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Many people have heard about type 2 diabetes, but its common precursor, prediabetes, doesn’t get as much attention. Prediabetes affects about 88 million adults in the US, and an estimated 84% of people with prediabetes don’t know they have it. According to the CDC, 15-30% of these individuals will develop type 2 diabetes within five years. In other words, more than 26 million people that currently live with prediabetes could develop type 2 diabetes by 2026.

New to prediabetes? Check out “Starting Point: What Everyone Needs to Know about Prediabetes,” which answers some of the basics: what is prediabetes, what are its symptoms, how is it treated, and more.

For even more, see “Helpful Prediabetes Resources," with links to diaTribe articles focused on prediabetes, diet and nutrition, healthy lifestyle tips, and more.

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Patient with Professional CGM

CGMs provide information that you can use to improve your blood glucose. If you don't currently use a CGM, your healthcare team can offer you a “professional” CGM to use for a week or two so that you can see how to increase your Time in Range. Read more about what a professional CGM is and if it could be right for you. Continue Reading »

Hope Warshaw interviewed Dr. Martin Abrahamson and Dr. Sanjiv Chopra about their new self-published book, Conquer Your Diabetes: Prevention – Control – Remission. Her interview explores the key premises and practical steps these authors recommend to live a healthy and fulfilling life with diabetes. Continue Reading »

Having a surgical procedure, whether it's planned or an emergency, comes with added risks when you have diabetes. Learn more about preparing for surgery with diabetes, how to advocate for your needs, why in-range glucose values are important, and how to minimize your risks. Continue Reading »

fruit street diabetes prevention program

A remote diabetes prevention program from Fruit Street that gives people with diabetes one-on-one dietician support, live group sessions, and a Fitbit scale and activity tracker to monitor progress is now being offered to anyone – even those whose insurance plans are not partners. Continue Reading »

components of the mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean Diet has once again been recognized as one of the best overall. What makes it so special? How can you integrate some of its features into what you are currently eating? We spoke with nutritionists to find out more about how you can benefit from this eating plan. Continue Reading »

In case you missed them,  below you’ll find our top five stories from January 2022. This month’s most read stories cover a wide variety of topics including updates to the ADA Standards of Care, type 1 cures, recipes, and more. Continue Reading »

The American Diabetes Association released its 2022 Standards of Care, which provides an annual update on practice guidelines. Here's what these new updates mean, including your options for first-line glucose-lowering therapies, when you should be screened for diabetes, the expanded use of diabetes care technology, and more. Continue Reading »

Abbott Laboratories just announced its new category of wearable technology – called Lingo – that will have the ability to track glucose, ketones, lactate, and alcohol. This small sensor is not intended for use by people with diabetes and not yet available for purchase. Continue Reading »