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iHealth launches Bluetooth-connected Smart-Gluco Monitoring System; meter sends wireless results to smartphones

Updated: 8/14/21 9:00 amPublished: 11/21/13
By Adam Brown

iHealth Labs recently announced the launch of its wireless Smart-Gluco Monitoring system in the US. Similar in principle to LifeScan's OneTouch VerioSync (cleared by the FDA on Feburary 7), iHealth's Smart-Gluco Monitoring System features a meter that wirelessly sends results (via Bluetooth) to an accompanying iPhone/iPad/iPod touch or Android app. The meter plus 50 strips are retailing for $79.95 on iHealth's website. The device is also available on and will be available in select Best Buy retail stores nationwide. The strips and meter are not covered by insurance at this time, but the company says it is working on this. The accompanying iHealth Gluco-Smart app is free and available at the iTunes store or at Google Play.

The approval and launch of this device could be a positive for patients, as it should represent an easy and relatively hassle free way to download glucose data and send it to healthcare providers although given that it will be hard to access without insurance, the company still has a long way to go. We look forward to test-driving the meter in a future issue of diaTribe. This approval continues a trend towards smartphone/cloud-connected meters: Telcare’s BGM, Sanofi’s iBGStar, Ambio’s Remote Health Monitoring System, J&J LifeScan OneTouch VerioSync, and others in development (e.g., LabStyle Innovations’ Dario, YOFi Meter). –Adam Brown

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