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January 2015

Published: 1/23/15
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“If you build it, they will come. There’s no lack of creative people…And lots of labs around the world do interesting science in metabolism, diabetes, and obesity. All of the hottest, latest techniques apply to this area of study, so it’s not an issue of awareness…I think it really comes down to whether there are paid positions and an opportunity to make a career.”

– Dr. Joshua Thaler, 2014 recipient of the ADA Pathway to Stop Diabetes Award in his interview with the diaTribe team

“I’m launching a new nationwide Precision Medicine Initiative to bring us closer to curing diseases like cancer and diabetes.”

– President Obama during the State of the Union Address (a big win for diabetes to get a mention!)

“Finding ways to provide patients with better control while we wait for our dreams for artificial and bio-artificial pancreases to come true is critical to overall healthcare…Patients are different, and we will need to customize solutions to patients. In ten years, I hope we have a diversity of more sophisticated therapies for different people.”

– Mr. Richard Berenson (Thermalin Diabetes, Newton, MA) at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

“Devices that are going to cause change and be disruptive are the ones that can aggregate and interpret the data – those that change how providers engage with their patients.”  

– John Bojanowski (President, Honeywell Life Care Solutions) at the Consumer Electronics Show

“We shop online, we bank online, we do taxes online. When I went to grad school, I lived in the library. Now, you don’t go to the library. We’ve shifted the way in which we gather and exchange information. Why would it not extend to health and mental health?”

– Dr. Phil McGraw (Host, The Dr. Phil Show) speaking about Doctor On Demand at the Consumer Electronics Show

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