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Life for a Child

Published: 6/30/08

Life for a Child is a sister program to Insulin for Life. It was established in 2001 as a sustainable sponsorship program where people can help children in developing countries get the supplies, support, and education needed to survive with diabetes. The program supports over 1,000 children in 17 countries by sponsoring needy children in diabetes centers, which in turn provide clinical and financial feedback to the organization. The program provides supplies for insulin injections, blood glucose monitoring, A1c testing, technical support for health care professionals, and diabetes education. The more donations that are received, the more children with diabetes that will receive life-saving insulin. Donate and find out more here. We suggest you talk to local diabetes camps and programs that receive donated supplies and recommend sending the leftovers to the US shipping centers for these programs!

“The vision for Life for a Child is that no child should die of diabetes. To achieve this, we work towards a day where all countries are able to provide standard care - adequate insulin, monitoring, and education - to all their youth with diabetes. Currently in many countries children die or are chronically unwell and develop early and devastating complications because care is either unaffordable or unavailable or both.”

 “diaTribe readers could help by becoming financial sponsors of the program - a dollar a day supports the ongoing care of a child - see and then - Dr. Graham Ogle, Manager, International

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