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Linking Your OneTouch Meter to Noom, Cecelia Health, Fitbit, and Welldoc

Updated: 11/1/21 3:00 pmPublished: 11/1/21
By Arvind Sommi

LifeScan recently launched OneTouch Solutions, a platform that might save you time and money. OneTouch Solutions allows you to connect your OneTouch blood glucose meter with a variety of top-rated health services with the option of bundled subscriptions.

Many health apps can help you manage or track your diabetes, such as Noom, Cecilia Health, Fitbit, and Welldoc, to name a few. However, many don’t sync with blood glucose meters (BGM) and subscribing to multiple apps can be costly. The launch of OneTouch Solutions by Lifescan introduces a centralized digital shop that seeks to address both these issues.

OneTouch currently offers two BGMs — the Verio Reflect and Verio Flex — as well as a mobile app, OneTouch Reveal, that allows users to track and see the trends of their blood glucose. In addition to allowing users to subscribe to multiple digital health apps, the Lifescan partnership allows for the integration of your glucose data within the various apps.

“BGMs have been shown to be effective if implemented well,” said Hope Warshaw MMSc, RD, CDCES, dietitian, and certified diabetes care and education specialist (CDCES), who said this product had the potential to increase access to diabetes care. “Lifescan has explored what is available in digital health, and identified and developed partnerships with entities that have taken leadership roles in this arena.”

The following products are included in the Comprehensive Wellness program, available on OneTouch Solutions:

  • OneTouch Reveal – This app can help you track your blood glucose levels from your wireless device and easily share these results with your healthcare team and loved ones.
  • Noom – Noom is a weight management program focused on behavior change. It uses psychology-based education, tools, and coaching to help you build healthier habits, lose weight, and track your glucose management.
  • Fitbit – The wearable Fitbit trackers and Fitbit Premium service allows you to track daily activity, nutrition, and sleep to see how these factors influence your glucose levels. 
  • Cecelia Health – Cecelia Health provides a one-on-one virtual support program for diabetes management delivered by a CDCES.
  • Welldoc – Welldoc is a personalized, artificial intelligence-driven digital health coaching app for people with diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, and/or prediabetes. It provides real-time automated coaching messages based on your glucose readings.
  • OneTouch BGM Supplies – You can also receive OneTouch Verio test strips, Delica Plus 30 Gauge lancets, and the Verio Reflect meter for fast and accurate blood glucose results.

Integrating your glucose data from the OneTouch Reveal app with these other programs has a number of benefits. For example, Welldoc can provide real-time automated coaching messages based on your daily blood glucose readings, and the Fitbit app can show you how your glucose levels change throughout the day based on your physical activity, diet, and sleep. This wealth of information could help you make more targeted behavioral changes to improve your diabetes management.

She pointed out that currently we have a healthcare system that “does not do a great job helping people with diabetes progress their diabetes care and therapy to achieve and maintain their glycemic goals.”

Warshaw said that she dreams of a future where all people diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes are connected with a diabetes care and education specialist for initial and continual education and support and to a registered dietitian nutritionist for initial and ongoing medical nutrition therapy. She said she sees OneTouch Solutions as a step in the right direction, as harnessing the power of digital health tools to provide personalized care and an opportunity, with Cecilia Health, for example, to build a relationship with a real live CDCES. 

In addition to greater digital integration, OneTouch Solutions offers a discount if you purchase these services together as part of their Comprehensive Wellness bundle for $182.98 for the first month and $92.99 for each following month. OneTouch says that this bundle could save you up to 40% in monthly subscription costs.

OneTouch Solutions does not accept insurance but allows you to pay with your HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flex Spending Account). If you want to read more about HSAs, FSAs, and other health insurance terms, read our article “Understanding Common Health Insurance Terms.”

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