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Medtronic’s MiniMed Connect Now Shipping in the US, Enabling Smartphone Viewing of CGM and Pump Data

Updated: 8/14/21 6:00 amPublished: 10/5/15

Twitter summary: Medtronic’s MiniMed Connect uploads pump & CGM data to your smartphone for viewing and monitoring – shipping now!

Check it out, the FDA is moving fast! Medtronic’s MiniMed Connect device got approved faster than expected and has started shipping in the US, enabling smartphone viewing and remote monitoring of pump and CGM data. The $199 keychain device receives data from a nearby MiniMed 530G or Revel pump and sends it via Bluetooth to a nearby Apple iPhone or iPod Touch app (Android is in development). Data is then uploaded to Medtronic’s web-based CareLink software, where it can also be viewed in near real-time from any device with an Internet connection. Up to three caregivers can receive text message notifications, alerting them to out-of-range glucose values and pump alarms. The $199 device is unfortunately not covered by insurance, but we hope future studies can support the value of remote monitoring.

Here are the some of the key advantages that MiniMed Connect offers:

  • Patients can view their data within the MiniMed Connect app on an iPhone or iPod Touch without pulling out their pump (e.g., when the pump is buried in clothing). The app’s interface is much better than the pump for looking at the current glucose value, trend, and insulin-on-board;

  • Caregivers can remotely monitor pump and CGM data, similar to Dexcom Share and Nightscout;

  • Automatic upload of pump/CGM data to CareLink, saving time and hassle for patients and providers. No other product can upload data from both devices automatically.  

The small MiniMed Connect device must be kept within six feet of users’ pumps and 20 feet of a nearby smartphone. In the event the device is lost, Medtronic will provide a one-time replacement for $99; replacements beyond that will be the full $199.

We’re hopeful that this connectivity will be directly integrated into Medtronic pump and CGM devices in the future, eliminating the need for the additional transmitter device. As we understand it, the upcoming MiniMed 640G pump will not be compatible with MiniMed Connect, and it also won’t include Bluetooth.

In related device connectivity news, Dexcom’s G5 mobile CGM system has launched in the US and Europe, allowing patients to see their CGM directly on an iPhone without a receiver. G5 retains the Share remote monitoring feature, and will also upload data automatically to platforms like diasend and Glooko. For now, G5 only transmits CGM data, though pump integrations with Tandem, Animas, and Insulet are in development.

It’s great to see both Dexcom and Medtronic adding connectivity to their devices, which should bring greater discretion for patients (viewing on the phone), peace of mind for caregivers (remote monitoring), and a hopefully a better data experience for doctors (automatic data upload). –NK/AB

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