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Omada’s Newest Diabetes Program Includes Physician Support

Updated: 8/13/21 10:00 pmPublished: 4/26/21

By Eliza Skoler and Albert Cai

Omada Health is launching a physician-guided care program for people with diabetes and high blood pressure. Through the app, members will have access to physicians, health coaches, and diabetes care and education specialists, and will be able to see their health data and make medication changes.

Omada Health, a digital health program, recently launched a new level of care for people with type 2 diabetes and hypertension (high blood pressure): a fully virtual clinic with support from physicians. Through the new offering, people will be able to schedule virtual appointments with physicians, as well as health coaches and diabetes care and education specialists.

Omada is best known for its Digital Diabetes Prevention Program, which has had hundreds of thousands of users. The company also has a newer type 2 diabetes management program, which aims to help people change their behaviors through personal coaching and care. The program provides participants with an app, access to coaches, connected devices (including a FreeStyle Libre continuous glucose monitor, blood glucose meter, weight scale, and blood pressure meter), educational materials, and a peer support group.

The new virtual clinic aims to provide more comprehensive care for people with diabetes. The physician-guided care feature includes behavior change coaching, education, devices, and medical support. Healthcare professionals on Omada’s care team can access a person’s health history, lab results, and glucose data, and the individual will also be able to see this information in the Omada smartphone app (available for iOS and Android). By combining all of a person’s health information into one place, care teams will hopefully be able to work together more effectively. And, through virtual appointments, members and their physicians can make medication changes or order prescriptions and labs. This may provide an extra level of support to fill the gap between in-person clinical visits.

Beyond diabetes and hypertension, Omada also offers programs for prediabetes and weight management, behavioral health, and musculoskeletal conditions. Omada’s flagship diabetes prevention program has shown positive results for participants in terms of weight loss and A1C reduction. Omada plans to expand physician-guided care to its other programs in 2022.

Omada’s programs are primarily offered by employers and through specific health plans that cover the costs of the program, although individuals can sign up independently and pay for the program themselves. Find out here if you are eligible.

You can learn more about Omada and other digital health coaching services here.

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