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quotable quotes - April 2008

Updated: 8/14/21 2:00 pmPublished: 4/30/08

"Here we are sitting in a vacuum. We have the media scaring patients, but we don't have the data."
- Dr. Jay Skyler of the University of Miami Medical School, hoping that patients will not generalize the findings of ACCORD and overreact before full publication of the study. See this issue's "what we're reading" for an update on the ACCORD study.

"If I were Hillary Clinton now, I'd be going for the diabetes vote. You know, you've got 30 to 40 million votes out there."
- Dr. Paul Zimmet, Foundation Director of the International Diabetes Federation, discussing the need for health care reform in the United States, particularly regarding chronic disease, during his interview with Close Concerns.

"Do you know what's wrong with injections? It's doctor phobia, not patient phobia. I have never in my life had a patient that refuses to use injections."
-Dr. Ralph A. DeFronzo of the University of Texas Health Science Center, encouraging the use of Byetta at the American Diabetes Association's 55th Annual Advanced Postgraduate Course.

“To learn that there’s plenty of room for new discoveries and innovations was inspiring.”
-Dr. Richard Bergenstal, executive director of the International Diabetes Center at Park Nicollet in Minneapolis, talking about his takeaways from the American Diabetes Association meeting in 2007, during his interview in this issue's diaTribe dialogue.

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