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September's Reader Favorites

Published: 9/28/23 10:04 am

In case you missed them, here are our top stories from September 2023. This month’s best stories cover a wide variety of topics like upcoming therapies, new research findings, and more. 

1. Diabetes Fast Food Guide: What to Order at Starbucks

Ever wondered how to survive the drive-thru with diabetes? In our ongoing series, a dietitian walks through the best things to order at top fast food chains. This week we see what's brewing at Starbucks.

2. COVID-19: Boosters, the Eris Variant, and Precautions To Take

As we head into the fall, here's what you need to know about the latest COVID-19 variants, upcoming boosters, and risk factors for people with diabetes.

3. How To Avoid Nerve Damage in Your Hands and Feet

Diabetes that is not optimally managed puts you at risk for nerve damage in your extremities. Here are steps you can take to manage or prevent neuropathy in your hands and feet.

4. Ozempic May Reduce Insulin Needs for People With Type 1 Diabetes

Early research suggests that people newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes who took semaglutide within three months of diagnosis were able to stop taking mealtime insulin.

5. 4 Tips for Keeping Your Glucose in Range While Traveling

Lauren Bongiorno, a diabetes coach and person with type 1 diabetes, shares strategies for managing diabetes while traveling or stepping out of your everyday routine.

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