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Eating healthy food is important for everyone. For people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, and obesity, nutrition plays an even greater role in managing day-to-day health.

For those with diabetes, food can be especially tricky – it can be hard to know how a particular food might affect your blood sugar. But, food can also be key to keeping you healthy and keeping your blood sugar levels in range.

Unfortunately, everyone’s body is different and there is no easy answer to the question of what to eat with diabetes. You’ll have to find a way of eating that is healthy for you and fits who you are and your lifestyle.

Here you’ll find all sorts of articles on healthy eating, including how food might affect glucose levels, recommendations and strategies, and delicious recipes.

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Pathways Initiative

Starting in 2012, the American Diabetes Association established the Pathway to Stop Diabetes initiative, a $1.6 million grant (paid over five years) to support the research of young up-and-coming scientists who are committed to working on innovative projects in diabetes. The Pathway Award is in many ways a beacon of hope for diabetes researchers navigating the present research-funding climate... Continue Reading »

Diabetes diet, dessert

I recently shared the 10 Diabetes Diet Commandments that I strive to follow every day. These eating strategies help keep my blood sugars in range, give me plenty of energy, keep my weight stable, are transportable to different eating environments, and fit within my budget. But since commandments can feel somewhat theoretical and idealistic, this article lists the actual foods I eat at different meals... Continue Reading »

Will it be the first US city to have warning labels for sugary drinks? Continue Reading »

Diet Commandments for Diabetes

No single "diet" trumps them all, especially for people with diabetes. Instead, I prefer to think about eating in terms of general strategies, or what this article is calling my “commandments.” Continue Reading »

Dominique Wilkins, Diabetes Dream Team

How his story helps shatter some of the common stereotypes about type 2 diabetes. Continue Reading »

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