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Pathways Initiative

Starting in 2012, the American Diabetes Association established the Pathway to Stop Diabetes initiative, a $1.6 million grant (paid over five years) to support the research of young up-and-coming scientists who are committed to working on innovative projects in diabetes. The Pathway Award is in many ways a beacon of hope for diabetes researchers navigating the present research-funding climate... Continue Reading »

Diabetic Ketoacidosis

What is DKA, and what can patients do to prevent this diabetes complication? Continue Reading »

Omada Health Prevent

How this online program is a leader in digital health for programs based on the CDC’s National Diabetes Prevention efforts. Plus, a bonus interview with CEO Sean Duffy! Continue Reading »

Kelly Close

How a dramatic 23% increase in new diabetes cases impacts people living with diabetes nationwide.  Continue Reading »

Testing Blood Sugar, Prediabetes

86 million Americans have it, but 90% of them don’t know it.  Continue Reading »


Why 2015 may be the “tipping point” for digital therapies in diabetes. Continue Reading »

Kelly Close

How a single change at the FDA could lead to major improvements for patients and the healthcare system.  Continue Reading »

Expansion of the use of Roche’s Lucentis a major step for patients.  Continue Reading »