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Dexcom Announces G7 Launch in Super Bowl Ad With Nick Jonas

Published: 2/8/23 4:46 pm
By Andrew Briskin

During this year’s Super Bowl, Dexcom will air a commercial starring pop star Nick Jonas, announcing the US launch of its latest continuous glucose monitor (CGM), the Dexcom G7. The device, perhaps the year’s most anticipated release in diabetes tech, promises to raise awareness about the power of CGM and Time in Range.

Dexcom announced this week that the long-anticipated US debut of its next generation continuous glucose monitor (CGM), Dexcom G7, will be featured in a Super Bowl ad starring pop star Nick Jonas. 

Over the past year, G7 has also been released in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, and Hong Kong.

The ad will be viewed by approximately 4.8 million Americans with diabetes on insulin, along with millions more with personal connections to the diabetes community, displaying diabetes and the power of CGM on a global, mainstream level.

Two years ago, the company also used the Super Bowl to spotlight its previous CGM, Dexcom G6, in a commercial with Jonas. 

“At its core, the commercial is about representation for people with diabetes,” Kevin Sayer, Dexcom CEO, said about the latest ad. “When Dexcom launched its first Super Bowl ad in 2021, it was the first time diabetes was put on a stage like this. This year’s commercial aims to continue these efforts as part of a broader awareness campaign to highlight the ‘magic moments’ people with diabetes can experience with a little help from their Dexcom CGM.”

In the commercial, Jonas reveals the device using a magician’s sleight of hand and shows the simple device insertion and mobile app display – you can watch the ad below.


While awareness about the benefits of CGM technology among people with diabetes has improved over the last two years, not everyone has been able to access these benefits due to cost, insurance coverage, or the perception that CGM is only for certain groups of people with diabetes. 

For this commercial, Dexcom and Jonas highlight that G7 is for people with “all types of diabetes” – a step towards encouraging many people to use the life-changing technology that comes with CGM.

On a global scale, the percentage of people with diabetes has increased significantly over the last two decades, and rates of diabetes in youth are estimated to increase by nearly 150% by 2060. 

Using a CGM and tracking time in range (which is featured in the spot) can empower people with more information about their diabetes, leading to improved glucose management and a lower risk for health complications. This is why awareness and access to CGM is so essential for all people with diabetes, regardless of type of diabetes or insurance coverage.

For more about Dexcom G7, visit Dexcom G7 Approved by FDA.

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