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Data Downloading Software

What It Does: Data downloading software allows for data from diabetes devices to be uploaded onto a central platform, sometimes on the computer or on a smartphone. Some data downloading systems allow for data integration from multiple types of devices (CGMs, pumps, meters), whereas others are just for meter data (e.g. MeterSync Blue).

Useful Links:

Tidepool Open Source Data Integration Platform – This online platform is device agnostic and allows users to upload data from multiple devices and brands into one easy location.

MeterSync Blue BGM Upload to Android and iPhone Apps – This product sends data from 30+ compatible meters to iPhone/Android phones via Bluetooth.

Medtronic Guardian Mobile – This in development product from Medtronic will send real-time CGM data straight from a transmitter to a smartphone app via Bluetooth

diasend Online Data Management Platform – This free online platform is compatible with 100+ devices, including CGMs, BGMs, pumps, and fitness trackers.

Mobile Prescription Therapy

WellDoc Launches BlueStar, A Software-based Product for Type 2 Diabetes – BlueStar is an FDA-approved software-based product that is prescribed by a health care provider to support management of type 2 diabetes.

*Please note, this page is not a comprehensive list of all of the available resources or products available. All links are organized chronologically within their respective sections.