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Data Downloading Software

What It Does: Data downloading software allows data from diabetes devices to be uploaded onto a central platform, usually on a computer or a smartphone. Some data downloading systems allow you to integrate data from multiple types of devices (CGMs, insulin pumps, blood glucose meters), whereas others are just for meter data.

As the use of telemedicine services increases, data uploading is becoming more important for sharing your blood glucose data with your healthcare team. Learn more about telehealth here.

Last updated: August 14, 2020

Useful Links:

Sharing your data during COVID-19 – Learn about telemedicine appointments and how to upload data from TidepoolDexcom & ClarityCompanion Medical InPenAbbott Freestyle LibreTandem T:ConnectLoopInsulet OmniPodMedtronic/MiniMed Carelink, and meters.

Dexcom CLARITY – This software works with Dexcom CGM devices and shows relevant glucose trends, including time in range. The app generates a code that can be shared with healthcare professionals.

Freestyle Libre Link – This app allows FreeStyle Libre users in the US to obtain a real-time glucose reading directly on their smartphone, and it allows care-partners to remotely monitor glucose levels.

Medtronic Guardian Mobile – This product from Medtronic sends real-time CGM data straight from a transmitter to a smartphone app via Bluetooth. Data is uploaded to CareLink.

CareLink  Medtronic’s web-based system organizes information from different diabetes management tools (like your insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor), puts it all in one place, and creates reports on your diabetes management patterns.

diasend/Glooko Online Data Management Platform – This free online platform is compatible with 100+ devices, including CGM, BGM, pumps, and fitness trackers. This product is now branded as Glooko.

Tidepool Open Source Data Integration Platform – This online platform allows users to upload data from multiple devices and brands into one easy location.

T:connect Application – This software is compatible with various meters and can report insulin delivery and blood glucose summaries. 

Please note, this page is not a comprehensive list of all of the available resources or products available. All links are organized chronologically within their respective sections.