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Flat Rate of $99/month for Insulin and NovoLog at Half Price: New Insulin Offers in the US from Novo Nordisk

By Emily Fitts and Jimmy McDermott

Starting in January 2020, $99 Cash Card Program provides 3000-3600 units of any combination of Novo Nordisk analog insulins in vials or pens. NovoLog Follow-On Brands will be made available at 50% off

Novo Nordisk is stepping up by expanding its affordability options for people in the US who are struggling to pay for insulin. In doing so, the company joins its competitors, Sanofi and Lilly, who previously implemented similar programs in response to growing pressure from policymakers and the public regarding the high cost of insulin.

Starting in January 2020, Novo Nordisk will provide 3000-3600 units (up to three vials or ten pens) of its analog insulin for $99 with the Cash Card Program and will sell authorized generic versions of NovoLog at half the list price. These offerings are designed to support people with or without insurance.

$99 Cash Card Program for Analog Insulins:

Using the Cash Card Program, people with diabetes will be able to purchase up to three vials or two packs of FlexPen/FlexTouch pens with any combination of Novo Nordisk analog insulins (NovoLog, Tresiba, Fiasp) for $99. Depending on the brand, this is about 3000-3600 units of insulin. The press release suggests that this amount will cover the monthly needs of most people with diabetes. There is no limit to the number of cards people may use in a given timeframe.

NovoLog and NovoLog Mix Follow-On Brands:

Novo Nordisk also announced that Follow-On Brands (also known as authorized generic) of NovoLog and NovoLog Mix will be made available in vial and pen formulations. These insulins will be sold for half the cost of the current branded versions. A 10 mL vial (1000 units) of the NovoLog Follow-On Brand will cost $145. A box of five pens will cost $269.

Because these Follow-On Brands are “authorized generic,” those with a prescription for NovoLog will be able to buy these Follow-On Brands without a new prescription. Given that NovoLog is used by about one million people with diabetes in the US, this offering could reduce costs for many people with diabetes. 

These two new offerings will supplement Novo Nordisk’s already available affordability options:

  • Patient Assistance Program provides free medicines to eligible people who do not have insurance or those enrolled in Medicare with high out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Co-pay Savings Cards lowers costs for those with commercial insurance who are experiencing high out-of-pocket costs. 

  • Novo Nordisk human insulin is offered at Walmart and CVS for about $25 for a 10mL vial.

To learn more about Novo Nordisk affordability options for insulin and other medications, you can go to or call 1-800-727-6500.

Want more information on insulin affordability options?

Every person with diabetes should have access to affordable insulin; see The diaTribe Foundation's position on insulin affordability here.

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