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Positive results from a study of Weight Watchers’ diabetes-tailored program shows reductions in weight, A1C, diabetes distress. Read on to learn more. Continue Reading »

Time in range (TIR) is an actionable metric that captures the highs, lows and in-range glucose values that people with diabetes experience each day. Because TIR shows these daily fluctuations in glucose, the metric can be more useful and actionable than A1C. Continue Reading »

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Amber Clour, who has type 1 diabetes, is the founder of Diabetes Daily Grind and host of the podcast Real Life Diabetes. She shares her experience attending the 2022 American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions in New Orleans. Continue Reading »

A team of world-renowned experts in diabetes presented updates about automated insulin delivery (AID), focusing on the role of diet and exercise for closed-loop systems.  Continue Reading »

The conversation around innovations in insulin administration is typically dominated by research on type 1 diabetes. Fortunately, the field of research on insulin use for people with type 2 diabetes is growing and so are opportunities for type 2s to leverage new technologies to administer insulin.  Continue Reading »

The iLet Bionic Pancreas is currently the closest automated insulin delivery system to a fully closed loop system. At ADA's 82nd Scientific Sessions, a panel of experts shared the impressive results from the recent iLet Bionic Pancreas pivotal trial. Continue Reading »

The American Diabetes Association's 82nd Scientific Sessions brought together great minds in diabetes for exciting news and discussions. Check out highlights from the largest conference in diabetes, including automated insulin delivery, Time in Range, extremely promising drugs in development, complications, and diet recommendations. Continue Reading »

Every now and then you may take a break from your diabetes technology. diaTribe’s Social Media Manager Eritrea Mussa Khan shares her experience taking a break from pumping and speaks to another member of the diabetes community to learn more about their experience as well. Continue Reading »