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Diabetes Drug News

Diabetes Drugs are responsible for helping to decrease blood sugar levels so that you can try to stay in a healthier range and help avoid serious complications.

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Understanding the UnitedHealthcare/Medtronic partnership in the context of the Affordable Care Act.
LEADER results announced at #2016ADA – compared to placebo, Victoza reduces risk of cardiovascular death by 22%, plus a 22% reduction in kidney disease. More results...
Why Novo Nordisk and Sanofi’s combination drugs are potential gamechangers for type 2 diabetes.
Public workshop scheduled at FDA for August 29, 2016. Get involved!
Patients with high A1c levels could achieve greater blood glucose control from the start.
Matchstick-sized device implanted under the skin every 6-12 months. New data in over 4,000 people demonstrates it is safe for heart health. Could it launch by late 2017?
People with type 2 diabetes should contact their physicians if they notice new pain, sores, or infections on their legs or feet.
JDRF and Helmsley Charitable Trust workshop highlights future goals and expectations for glucose-responsive insulin.
Making major improvements over current standard of care – how does this new treatment work? The FDA recently approved a new indication for a product that has been used...
People with type 2 diabetes should contact their physicians if symptoms of heart failure appear.
FDA expands use to people with mild to moderate kidney disease.
Enrolling at over 140 sites worldwide. Can it reduce A1c and insulin use and improve time-in-range?
Plus, Lilly invests $5 million! We talk to Dr. Ed Damiano to learn about the new Gen 3 version and upcoming studies.
What are the implications for other injected GLP-1 agonist drugs?
The two organizations expand their research partnership to support glucose responsive insulin.
TZD drug pioglitazone becomes second-ever diabetes drug to reduce heart disease and first to reduce strokes. Who might this benefit most?
The DreaMed Pump Advisor, Glooko app, Nutshell, and MyStar DoseCoach.
Pivotal trial to start in early 2017. What does glucagon add to automated insulin delivery?
Currently enrolling! How does the pill form of this drug class compare to injected GLP-1s?
A new study from Dr. Doug Melton’s team provides hope for the future of stem cell treatment in diabetes. But there’s still a long way to go.