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Dr. Diana Isaacs on CGM, “shared” appointments, and identifying “Bright Spots” and “Landmines.” Plus, how to find a Diabetes Care and Education Specialist near you Continue Reading »

Transitioning care from parent to child can be a stressful time for families with diabetes – six strategies on how to reduce the burden  Continue Reading »

diabetes education

Low-cost education services can help you learn new skills to eat well, stay active, and monitor blood sugar levels Continue Reading »

Faith Diabetes Houston CCD

An innovative program in Houston empowers members of faith communities to lead diabetes education, peer support, and prevention efforts in their communities Continue Reading »

family photo

How do I talk to family and friends about diabetes? Is this MY burden to bear? Are loved ones a “diabetes bright spot” or “diabetes police”? Continue Reading »

Varying perspectives on a touchy subject, from Kerri Sparling of Six Until Me. Continue Reading »

The hardest part about motivation is that everyone needs something different, and motivators can change over time. But for most of us with diabetes, motivation needs to be more tangible than “avoid long-term complications” or “live a longer, healthier life.” That's where this article comes in... Continue Reading »