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I learned that I wasn’t counting carbs as accurately as I thought – which led me to investigate glass ceilings and why carb counting can be so hard for people with diabetes. Continue Reading »

Keeping glucose levels in a tight range is more important than ever during pregnancy. Dr. Sarit Polsky discusses glucose management and target glucose levels, as well as the benefits of using continuous glucose monitors (CGM), for pregnant women with diabetes.  Continue Reading »

What AID systems are currently available, what can we expect in the next year, and where is AID technology headed? Continue Reading »

LifeScan’s OneTouch online store has three monthly subscription options to help you receive individual coaching services and diabetes supplies right at home. The prices range from $24.99 to $48.99 per month, and services can include test strips and lancets as well as access to unlimited coaching. Continue Reading »

During an immensely challenging and unprecedented year, diaTribe continued to create, curate, and publish helpful information for people with diabetes – read our twelve most popular articles of the year. Highlights include intermittent fasting, how to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic with diabetes, and the latest in diabetes tech. Continue Reading »

The Hello Dexcom 10-day sample kit includes a Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor, instructions for set up, and guidance for getting the most out of your glucose data. Ask your healthcare team to order the device for you in the US or Canada.  Continue Reading »

The MiniMed 770G system automatically delivers basal insulin based on real-time glucose data and is controlled through a smartphone app. The automated insulin delivery system is expected to be available in Canada in early 2021. Continue Reading »

The CGM Discount Access program provides discounted rates on the Guardian Sensor 3 continuous glucose monitoring system for people without insurance coverage for Medtronic CGMs. Continue Reading »