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stem cells used for type 1 diabetes

In a collaboration between ViaCyte and CRISPR Therapeutics, a new clinical trial is investigating a stem cell therapy that may eventually help millions with type 1 diabetes. Continue Reading »

If you are a new or existing user of Medtronic's MiniMed pumps, read more about what immediate steps you need to take to avoid serious injuries. Continue Reading »

The Omnipod 5 automated insulin delivery system has been cleared by the FDA for people with type 1 diabetes. The system, which includes a tubeless insulin pump, a Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor, and a smartphone app, will be available later in 2022. Continue Reading »

​Exercising with diabetes is important, but it does provide some additional challenges. Learn how to navigate being an athlete while managing your diabetes from experts. Continue Reading »

Five percent of people with type 2 diabetes could achieve remission, research says. In recent years, virtual clinics, coaching, and mobile apps have made achieving remission easier and more accessible. Continue Reading »

The American Diabetes Association released its 2022 Standards of Care, which provides an annual update on practice guidelines. Here's what these new updates mean, including your options for first-line glucose-lowering therapies, when you should be screened for diabetes, the expanded use of diabetes care technology, and more. Continue Reading »

Abbott Laboratories just announced its new category of wearable technology – called Lingo – that will have the ability to track glucose, ketones, lactate, and alcohol. This small sensor is not intended for use by people with diabetes and not yet available for purchase. Continue Reading »