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Menopause causes many hormonal changes in women, which can make managing blood glucose levels even more complicated Continue Reading »

The new BioSense ketone breath meter offers unlimited, effortless ketone measurements – just blow into the device Continue Reading »

A few weeks ago, Kelly experienced severe hypoglycemia (she left her RileyLink in her basement by accident!) – lucky for her, she had just picked up a new emergency glucagon from her pharmacy that Dr. Nancy Bohannon had recommended, along with Xeris’ new glucagon! In this interview, Kelly shares her experience with Baqsimi, and reflections on what the new treatment means for her health and well-being, and her family’s calm and happiness Continue Reading »

EASD day 2 diabetes

SGLT-1/2 therapy for type 1 diabetes, hybrid closed loop systems in teens and children, and the importance of glucose control as an outcome in addition to A1C! Continue Reading »

hypoglycemia unawareness

“I didn’t know my blood sugar was low” – why this can happen and how to avoid a potentially dangerous situation Continue Reading »

What does A1c miss and what can we do about it? Continue Reading »

Diet Battle Round 2

Tripling my carbs --> 5 fewer hours in-range per day, 64% more insulin (!), & more lessons learned. Continue Reading »


The symptoms, who is at risk, and what every patient on SGLT-2 inhibitors can do right now. Continue Reading »