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Type 1 Diabetes News

Type 1 Diabetes is a chronic condition in which your body loses the ability to produce insulin, which is necessary for most cells to convert food into energy and regulate blood sugar levels. 

A standing ovation for Dr. Margaret Powers at ADA last month r Dr. Margaret Powers at ADA last month.
Free for patients! Initially available in Austria and Germany, and soon in the US.
Dexcom’s new insertion, Android G5, touchscreen receiver; Medtronic’s Android MiniMed Connect, Hypo Prediction App, 670G, and Guardian Connect.
Public workshop scheduled at FDA for August 29, 2016. Get involved!
What to look for when comparing plans in the insurance marketplace
Details on monthly test strip subscription plan and our first impressions.
The Annual TCOYD/The diaTribe Foundation Forum Celebrates its 10 th Anniversary in New Orleans
Details for Dexcom July 21 Advisory Panel meeting posted. How to submit a written statement to the FDA or attend in person.
Adds waterproof, color screen, and remote meter bolus. Will it speed FDA review of the 670G hybrid closed loop?
The diaTribe Foundation’s 2016 gathering shares need for earlier treatment, data integration, prevention, amplifying patient voices, and reducing stigma.
Type 1 diabetes has been prevented and cured in more than 500 ways in mice, but never in humans. nPOD researchers are trying to change that, one donated organ at a time.
Team Novo Nordisk athletes with diabetes dispel myths and stigma.
No fingersticks needed? Plus, a look at the “thinnest CGM ever” from Dexcom and Verily
How many people have type 1? What are the barriers to using new therapies? What outcomes matter beyond A1c?
Plus, what people with diabetes and healthcare providers can do
Providers and patients will now see the same data - stay tuned for IBM Watson!
TCOYD’s CGM Medicare Appeals Assistance Program may be able to help!
Available in US physicians’ offices in the next couple weeks; Real-time version submitted to FDA!
Our own Kelly Close moderates a panel at SXSW Interactive.
A call to action to make this invisible disease visible.