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Type 1 Diabetes News

Type 1 Diabetes is a chronic condition in which your body loses the ability to produce insulin, which is necessary for most cells to convert food into energy and regulate blood sugar levels. 

“We have to create solutions in diabetes that are as addictive as the iPhone.”
Saturday, August 27; $10 early bird registration fee
Glucose, food, exercise, and even DIY closed loop on the phone
New study shows that beta cell fragility may contribute to the risk of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
Launching this June in Sweden, followed by Norway and Denmark. How does it compare to current CGM?
A six-month study of Diasome Pharmaceuticals’ HDV Insulin in Type 1 Diabetes
Understanding the UnitedHealthcare/Medtronic partnership in the context of the Affordable Care Act.
Coming to US in Spring 2017: What it is, what it isn’t, and how to get it
Data from Bluetooth-enabled meter can now be shared with other health tracking apps.
An 8-2 panel vote finds that benefits of using Dexcom’s G5 CGM for dosing insulin outweigh the risks; patient advocates provide compelling testimonies
Abbott’s free Android app for caregivers is now available
How close is the UN to achieving its goal of “halting the rise in diabetes and obesity” by 2025?
JDRF and Helmsley Charitable Trust workshop highlights future goals and expectations for glucose-responsive insulin.
Brings real-time insulin tracking, history, and a bolus calculator to injectors; launch in 2017
Strong results from the IMPACT study in low-A1c users.
Approaching the conversation, words and phrases to use, and more!
Renowned pediatric endocrinologist offers a lens into what it means to be a caregiver.
College Diabetes Network’s free “Off to College” booklets on overcoming diabetes challenges during the college transition
Six systems expected by 2019, plus an FAQ! Which system is right for me?
How sports can be a platform to tackle diabetes awareness and stigma.