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Time in Range News

Time in Range (TIR) is the percentage of time that a person spends with their blood glucose levels in the target range, usually between 70 and 180 mg/dl.

The world’s first all-diabetes professional cycling team is now sponsored by Dexcom; diabetes research studies on CGM and exercise will start this year: What is the...
Farxiga and Sotagliflozin are the first pills to seek approval as add-ons to insulin for type 1; both bring strong time-in-range benefits, and if approved, might launch...
Get weekly email and phone notifications summarizing time-in-range and glucose trends from the updated Dexcom Clarity app
We interviewed 15 experts about time-in-range goals for those wearing CGM. Here’s what they said…
My approach to time-in-range goals, five key tips to spend more time-in-range each day, and what’s still to come from experts…
What does donated diabetes data tell us about time-in-range across different age groups?
The diaTribe Foundation hosted a day of lively discussions on standardizing and implementing outcomes #BeyondA1c in drug development, FDA approval, research, and access...
The diaTribe Foundation convenes key diabetes experts to discuss glycemic outcomes beyond A1C on July 21, 2017, in Bethesda, MD
Coming to US in Spring 2017: What it is, what it isn’t, and how to get it
What does A1c miss and what can we do about it?
Highlights from the first study of a commercial automated insulin delivery device. Plus, Medtronic’s latest software updates!
Strong results from the IMPACT study in low-A1c users.
The artificial pancreas is here for those willing to build their own; what can manufacturers learn from OpenAPS?
Tripling my carbs --> 5 fewer hours in-range per day, 64% more insulin (!), & more lessons learned.
How many people have type 1? What are the barriers to using new therapies? What outcomes matter beyond A1c?