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Personal Stories

Every person with diabetes has a unique story and their own path of managing and responding to the challenges of diabetes. Even though each story is individual, we learn from hearing about one another’s experiences, from the highs to the lows. We bring you personal stories to show some of the many ways that individuals, families, and communities live well with diabetes and manage the condition.

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A diabetes diagnosis can be a scary thing, not just for the person who’s diagnosed but for that person’s loved ones as well. How can you support someone through a diagnosis and beyond, and what do people with diabetes need from their loved ones? Continue Reading »

Dating can feel daunting when you live with diabetes. Hear about dating from others with diabetes, and learn what you can do to prepare for dates. Continue Reading »

Living with diabetes is an ever-evolving journey, one that can often lead to feelings of weariness and exhaustion. Scott Johnson shares his own experiences with diabetes fatigue and how he has learned to find strength in his journey and cope when times are tough. Continue Reading »

What is it like to work in a large COVID-19 vaccination center in LA? How does being an endocrinologist help? What questions do people with diabetes ask? Dr. Kaufman shares her experience.  Continue Reading »

In this video on understanding your ambulatory glucose profile (AGP) report, pediatric endocrinologist, Dr. Amy Criego from the International Diabetes Center, uses real-world AGP examples to show how small steps and manageable goals can lead to more Time in Range.  Continue Reading »

Chronic kidney disease is a serious condition that will affect almost 40% of people with diabetes. Actress and dance icon Debbie Allen is partnering with the National Kidney Foundation to raise awareness about this condition, encourage people to be proactive about their health, and prevent diabetes-related health complications. Continue Reading »

I learned that I wasn’t counting carbs as accurately as I thought – which led me to investigate glass ceilings and why carb counting can be so hard for people with diabetes. Continue Reading »

When you think of tools to help you manage diabetes, you likely think of therapies and devices – but what about dogs? We spoke with Mark Ruefenacht, who trained the first diabetes service dog in the world, to learn how these special animals can support people with diabetes. Continue Reading »