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A bipartisan legislation, which would have protected patients from surprise medical bills, is blocked from passing this year Continue Reading »

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Under the 2020 health plan, Walmart employees get an incredible network of high-quality healthcare professionals. Ask your boss if this type of investment in employee health can be mirrored in your company. Continue Reading »

The Medicaid expansion provided health insurance coverage to millions of Americans. Learn more about the positive impact of the program and how it supports public health. Continue Reading »

Mail-order pharmacies operate through your health insurance plan and can be cheaper and more convenient than getting your medications from a local pharmacy; learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this option Continue Reading »

A prescription discount card can be used to reduce out-of-pocket costs of diabetes medications Continue Reading »

Beginning in 2020, nation-wide Cigna (and Express Scripts) and three Minnesota insurance companies (Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Medica, and UCare) will cap total monthly insulin payments for some health plans. The state of Colorado is also limiting monthly insulin costs for residents Continue Reading »